Hi, my name is Gary, and I have 2 close friends. Both are born-and-bred in Malaysia, both went to the same school. Both were better than average students, and both had big dreams for their future.  

But everytime I meet them, I notice that their lives are so different. One is happy, healthy and making good money. In just a few short years, he will be financially free. Another is bitter, angry and struggling. 

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?

Why can life sometimes be very unfair - where one person seems to have it ALL ... while another seems to get so little? 

Many Malaysians think its because of intelligence or born talent. Maybe luck or fortune. But I tell you that's not the answer.

It isn't that one person wants success and the other doesn’t. The secret is KNOWLEDGE. And what he/she does with that knowledge. 

When you have the right knowledge ... you can shortcut the process. Even HACK your way to success.
Is It Possible To Hack Your Way To An Incredible Life Of Wealth, Health And Happiness? 
"Can it really be done? Can you actually hack your way to an amazing life?" - I hear you say. 
Well, here's proof that you can hack your way to wealth ... starting with a normal 
working salary 
You can hack your way to health and a great body ... even though you have regular genetics
Even double your happiness and get more done everyday ... even though we have the same 24 hours
In fact, we live in a culture of hacking success right now ... 
People are starting to realise they don't have to wait 30, 40 years to get rich, Or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get fit, healthy and happy. With a few simple hacks, they can get their ideal life of freedom, health and prosperity ... FAST and EFFECTIVE. 
How Do I Hack My Way To A Better Life - Starting TODAY??
What exactly do you do - now ... to hack your way to a better life?
That's the part that confuses most people.  
If you are sitting on millions of dollars, you could skip off this website hire the world's best  teachers and have them guide you to enlightenment.
But not all of us can afford to do this.

Which is why we decided to bring the masters of life hacking straight TO YOU... right here in KL...

So you can discover how to kick-start the process - instantly.
Presenting The “Ultimate Life Hacking” Event 
We are conducting a 1 full day session, in the heart of KL ... to help you hack your life to success. 
We call "Ultimate Life Hacking" ... and its unlike anything you've ever attended.
We have gathered 3 masters of life hacking to share their best secrets with you ... 
In areas of health, wealth, mindset and productivity ...
So you leave with a clear blueprint on how to 
  •  Make more money
  •  Find clarity and direction 
  •  Get more work done 
  •  Feel more confident 
  •  Become healthier and fitter
... enabling you to make the rest of 2019 even better than before.
This Is A No Brainer Must-Attend Especially If You ...
  •  Desire to make more income ... and stop struggling in the rat race forever 
  •  Want to be healthier and fitter ... yet can't seem to get started 
  •  Know that you need to shift your mindset ... but don't know how to change
  •  Love to fulfil your true potential ... and stop living a mediocre life
  •  Become healthier and fitter
It doesn't matter what job or industry you are currently in ...
If you really want to shortcut your way to a better life ...
You simply must get a seat right now, and be there. 
The 3 Masters of Life Hacking Reveal Their Best Secrets.
< Life Hacker 1 > - Your Wealth
Chern Hong
Chern Hong started his financial journey in the most terrible manner in 18 when he was first introduced to the ugly world of money games. 

Young and naive at that time, and eager to grow his wealth ... Chern Hong ended up losing money.

He tried network marketing, trading and many other things but it was just loss after loss.

His final hope came when he discovered the proven, safe and secure method of value investing - the same mode of investing practiced by famous investors like Warren Buffett.

Finally, he started to see steady profits for the first time ever.

He started to get really passionate about his own financial education, and his life was never the same again.

Very soon, he was managing his own million dollar stock portfolio.

Today, Chern Hong teaches ordinary people how they too can avoid money traps and instead hack their way to wealth and financial freedom - even on an employee salary.

You will discover from Chern Hong at the event: 
  •  How you can get started safe and secure in the stock market immediately, with as little as 10 ringgit - even though you have no prior experience
  •  Why the stock market can be your safest investment ever, once you master the right fundamentals and avoid greed and gambling (This is the method Warren Buffett and countless other stock investors followed to get crazy wealthy) 
  •  No time? Why using the method Chern Hong teaches you means you only need to check your stocks every 3 months, instead of every 5 seconds! It's true, and you will likely make more money! 
  •  Time your stock buying like a pro - the secrets to buying, holding and selling at the most accurate moment so you enjoy maximum profits 
... and much more. 

Chern Hong's promise is simple.

Listen and apply what he teaches, and there's a high chance you can be financially free (no need for a job, passive income flowing) in under 5-7 years

< Life Hacker 2 > - Your Mind 
Melvin Soh
Melvin Soh - Master of Turning Big Dreams Into Real Results ... For More Time More Freedom and Greater Profit!
Today, Melvin Soh runs multiple business ventures, making an amazing income and impacting countless lives.
But up to just a few years ago, he was making just 800 bucks a month, and could barely get anything done.
Back then, Melvin was just a guy with potential.
He had a lot of great ideas but didn't know where to start or how to turn dreams into reality.
Everyday, he would let time slip by ... consume YouTube videos ... fantasize about a richer, better tomorrow ... while doing absolutely nothing.
His small business was failing, he was not in the best shape and he was far from his dream life.
It wasn't until he discovered the secret of RAPID goal achievement did everything change.
Mastering the art of goal achievement allowed Melvin to finally turn his many bright ideas into actual businesses, a better body and a life of more time and freedom for himself ... all in a short time!
Today, Melvin is inspired to teach people this "missing art" including:
  •  Why you are only 2-3 steps away from getting your dream body, ideal life and higher income ... (You are closer than you think)
  •  Why being lazy and using shortcuts actually helps you make things happen faster - and why you want to set smaller goals, especially in the beginning
  •  The 1 thing you can do immediately that will have you lose weight and gain more energy starting TODAY ... and it costs absolutely NO MONEY at all
  •  Is it possible to get everything done before 1pm everyday, and have more free time to enjoy life? Absolutely - if you use the methods Melvin shares with you in his presentation!
  •  Have a lot of clever ideas but don't know where to begin? Melvin will share the goal achievement blueprint that changed his life, and helped him go from broke dreamer to wealthy achiever in only a few years. (He stills uses it today because it never fails)
  •  ... and more
Melvin's promise is simple.
Listen closely to what he shares, and implement what he covers ... and you will finally turn your dreams and ideas into actual results and profits you can see in your hands.
< Life Hacker 3 > - Your Life
Mark Joyner
Mark Joyner is the Founder of 30+ startups and is almost universally referred to by the industry titans as “The Godfather of Internet Marketing" and “The Great Internet Marketer Alive” for his pioneering role in the early days of online marketing.  

He's invented the first ebook in history, the first ebook publishing company, the tracking pixel now used by Facebook, the first viral traffic building system, and pioneered most of the online marketing tactics in common use today. 

And his students span some of the greatest marketers and entrepreneurs of all time, including Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels who said “People think I figured out funnels. The honest truth is Mark Joyner figured it out 10 years before I ever did. Mark was talking about online sales funnels even before we called them sales funnels.”

In addition, Mark is a multiple best-selling author, with over a dozen books in print in 25 languages, 4 of which were #1 international bestsellers. 

What sets Mark apart is his ability to see how ordinary businesses can make at least 10 times more money just by changing their marketing and message a little.

And Mark is able to explain these concepts in very simple ways so anyone gets it in just minutes.

Imagine being able to jump from 5 figures to 6 or 7 figures in under 1 year.

Mark has helped many business owners do just that.

You will discover from Mark at the event:
  •  How to turn your one business idea into profitable enterprise ... even if you have never started a business in your entire life before 
  •  The art of making best-selling products that sell like crazy: How to make your products so sexy people queue up overnight for it
  •  Making irresistible offers:        How to craft an offer so juicy that people drop everything and go to your website or call you immediately because they can't bear a second of not having your stuff
  •  Where to find quality buyers FAST and cheap: The science of attracting clients using viral marketing so people chase you like you are a Hollywood celebrity
  •  Close them NOW and make them pay: How to use powerful persuasion to make clients buy on the spot and spend more, so your business can grow in profits
  •  ... and much more
Mark's promise is simple.

Listen and apply what he shares, and your business profits will increase by a MINIMUM of 3 times this year.

And if you don't yet have a business AND desire to start one, you will discover how to make more money THIS year than ever before.
Date, Time and Location 
Date, Time
Saturday 8 June 2019, 9am - 6pm

Wisma MCA
163, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. 
What Makes This Event Different ... 
When you sit and listen to our 3 masters of life hacking on stage and as you start to take notes. 
You will realise not only are the speakers truly walking their talk ... But also how simple and CAN DO these secret hacks are.
Not only do they work, they are easy to apply. This gives you confidence because you know once you go home and apply these, you really can change your life.
And that later in the year, you CAN become ...
More Achievement
It was certainly a good idea to attend! 
We are so confident that you're going to get what you're looking for from this event. If you show up and you are not satisfied, we will pay you RM50 on the spot to compensate for your travel and your time.
No other "event" does this because they secretly aren't sure if they can deliver on this.
We are ABSOLUTELY certain you will be blown away by what you learn.
How To Avoid Disappointment And Regret ...
That said, seats are limited.
 Once all tickets are redeemed, we will close registration because we can't go over capacity.
 Plus our 3 masters of life hacking are pretty well-known names ...
 We expect this event to sell out.
 Secure your seats, or risk disappointment.
 Will there be another "next event"?
 Probably not ... so miss this, and you will deeply regret it.
Let Me Ask You A Few Frank Questions ... 
The only people we DON'T want to attend are negative people and skeptics. 
Sorry, but you can't change those people's lives
They don't believe their lives can improve, and there's little you can do for them.
But if you aren't a skeptic or a negative person ...
Just wondering if you should come ...
Let me ask you
  •  Are you living your best life now?
  •  Is this your full, maximum potential? 
  •  Are you absolutely 100% happy with your health, wealth and direction of life? 
  •  Do you have a clear, concrete plan to achieve these? 
 If the answers to the above are not YES ...Then why not come and learn from masters who have NOT ONLY done what you wish to do... but also taught others to do the same? 
Why not take the first step to living a better life?  Every big success started with a small first step
This IS your small first step - now. 
We Only Have One Life To Live, Why Not Live It To The Max! 
Remember I told you right at the start about my 2 friends?  They both attended the same school, and had big dreams. So what made their lives so different? 
One friend had knowledge - and knew how to hack and shortcut his way to success. The other didn't. 
I cannot promise you instant "next day" success when you attend our Ultimate Life Hacking  event.
But I will guarantee you will discover so much about how to take your wealth, health, mindset and  life to the next level. 
Gary Yeow
P.S. Remember, we have a bold never-seen-before guarantee when you attend. Either you learn plenty of useful tips, or you get your money back.  We are THIS confident this will be one of the best investments you ever make. 
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